Setting the Scene
VISN 21 encompasses VA facilities in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Fresno, Reno, Las Vegas, and Hawaii. The VISN 21 Accelerator is a place for innovators (clinicians and administrators) across these health systems to identify a problem they are passionate about and learn new design skills to address their project's needs. The Accelerator is a nine-month full-cycle process, from research to prototype testing experience. Each site has an Innovation Specialist familiar with innovation or Innovation POCs (Point of Contact) without prior innovation training.
My efforts:
- Design the visual language for the Accelerator's branding and experience.
- Create and deliver lecture content and exercise templates for the accelerator.

- Coach San Francisco investee in each month's assigned design methods.

- Teach Innovation Specialist and POCs new design methods so they may better help their investees.
- Remove barriers for investees to their project may be successful and their experience eventful.
Lecture content, exercises, and comms